Black Talk Sacramento #41: Steam Makes the Va-jay-jay Happy






Current Show Date: March 13, 2018 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday @ 5pm-7pm

Hosted by:

Marichal J Brown: Barber, Educator and Publisher
Gerry Gos Simpson: Artist, Curator, Fashion Designer
Tony Harvey: Reporter, Author (
NSAA: Poet (
Guest Host: CharRon E Smith (

Black Talk Sacramento podcast, held at:

Underground Books
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Special Guest:

Guest Name(s): Kahna Isreal and Victoria Furlow

Organization: Empress Chai You Studios LLC


Phone Number: (916) 3822754

Women’s Health women’s vaginal steaming steaming business. The original one and only business in Sacramento CA. We host SISTERHOOD meetups teach on women’s health and share the power of self healing through Vaginal Steaming.

Web Site

Women’s Health in the African American community and how vaginal steaming can help women self heal.

Venue Name / Business Name
Empress Chai You Studios LLC

Underground Books Events

Saturday, March 17

from 2 – 4 pm

Discussion and book signing with
Vicki L. Ward
“Supercharge Your Life After 60!”
Saturday, March 17

5 – 6:30 pm

Financial Workshop
Pamela Smith, PCE
Saturday, March 24
from 2 – 3:30 pm
Patricia Saunders
“There is Sunshine After the Rain”
Saturday, March 31
from 5 -7 pm
Ebony London
Art Talk
Saturday, April 14
from 2 – 4 pm
Sheryl Lister and Suzette Harrison
“Love Serenade” and “The Art of Love”
Saturday, March 31
5 – 7 pm
Art Talk with Ebony London
Moderated by Milton 510 Bowens
Saturday, April 14 at 12 noon Raisins in Milk by Dr. Covin

Underground Books’ Featured Book

“Dancing In Blackness”
A Memoir
Halifu Osumare


Underground Books’ Art Exhibit

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Raisins in Milk by Dr. Covin
Saturday April 14 at 12 noon!
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Children’s Story Time (w/ Charlene Carter, Just Me!)

March 24
12-1 pm
Ages 3 – 10
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Observer News with Tony Harvey

Other News

Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix

WASHINGTON — Former President Barack Obama is in advanced negotiations with Netflix to produce a series of high-profile shows that will provide him a global platform after his departure from the White House, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Under terms of a proposed deal, which is not yet final, Netflix would pay Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, for exclusive content that would be available only on the streaming service, which has nearly 118 million subscribers around the world. The number of episodes and the formats for the shows have not been decided.

Will And Jaden Smith’s Company To Donate Water To Flint Until Lead Levels Drop

Will and Jaden Smith’s eco-friendly water company, JUST, is vowing to donate water each month to Flint, Michigan, schools until the city’s water is drinkable again.

The company has already donated 9,200 bottles to Flint. After reading about how the city’s water crisis affected its public schools, JUST’s CEO, Ira Laufer, decided the donations were simply necessary.  

“This just makes sense for us to do,” Laufer told MLive. “After reading more about [Flint’s] challenges and the mayor objecting to pulling bottled water from the schools, we thought, ‘Let’s help these kids.’”

raceAhead: A New Nielsen Report Puts Black Buying Power at $1.2 Trillion

A new report from Nielsen on the current buying power of consumers of color offers a fascinating look at how we’re spending our money. For one, we seem to be eating a lot of vegetables.

For another, we’re shaping markets.

In the report Black Dollars Matter: The Sales Impact of Black Consumers, the message is clear: While African Americans make up just 14% of the population, we are responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually. Further, consumers of color are showing an outsized influence in several key consumer categories, and are increasingly demanding that businesses do and be better.

In some cases, black consumers make up over 50% of overall spending, such as the category of dry grains and vegetables. But other categories are stand-outs as well, like baby food (42.76%) personal soap and bath needs (41.64%) and air fresheners and deodorizers (38.29%).

South Africa votes through motion to seize land from white farmers without compensation

South Africa‘s parliament has passed a motion that could lead to the seizure of land from white farmers without paying them compensation.

Passed by an overwhelming majority of 241 votes to 83 votes against, the proposal to amend Section 25 of the constitution would allow expropriation of land without any financial recompense.

California no longer will suspend driver’s licenses for traffic fines

Californians no longer will face losing their driver’s licenses because of unpaid traffic fines starting next month.

Gov. Jerry Brown said the punishment doesn’t help the state collect unpaid fines and can send low-income people into a cycle of job losses and more poverty.

Black Panther has crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide

Marvel’s Black Panther is continuing its winning streak at the box office. This weekend, it crossed the $1 billion mark in its worldwide box-office totals, after beating out the four-day totals of Disney’s last big movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Toys R Us To Close All Of Its U.S. Stores

According to news reports, the biggest toy store in the world at one time, Toys R Us is planning to close its doors in the U.S. The store, which was founded in 1948, has not found a buyer to restructure the business.

The company reportedly took out a $3.1 billion loan to keep the stores open during the holidays with hopes to turn the store around. Unfortunately, Christmas sales were the worst ever because of the new way of retail, A.K.A. shopping online!

Many toy makers and toy companies such as Hasbro and Mattel will be affected severely.

Toys R Us has officially entered bankruptcy and will most likely soon be closing its U.S. stores officially.


Tech News


Regenerative dental fillings that allow teeth to heal themselves have been developed by researchers, potentially eliminating the need for root canals.  

The treatment, developed by scientists from the University of Nottingham and Harvard University, earned a prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry after judges described it as a “new paradigm for dental treatments.”

The tooth filling works by stimulating stem cells to encourage the growth of dentin—the bony material that makes up the majority of the tooth—allowing patients to effectively regrow teeth that are damaged through dental disease.

MWC 2018: Smell-sensing CAT S61 smartphone sniffs out glue

A phone that can detect the “smell” of chemicals has been developed for construction workers.

The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones asked Bullitt Group’s Peter Cunningham if there was really much demand for a smartphone with a digital nose.

Black Talk Sacramento #40: Black Women and Rockets

Current Show Date: Feb 13, 2018 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday @ 5pm-7pm

Hosted by:

Marichal J Brown: Barber, Educator and Publisher
Gerry Gos Simpson: Artist, Curator, Fashion Designer
Tony Harvey: Reporter, Author (

Today’s Show is Hosted by:

NSAA: Poet
Guest Host: Kareem J Daniels (Comedian)
Guest Host: CharRon E Smith (

Underground Books

2814 35th Street, Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333
Every Second Tuesday

Underground Books Events

Saturday, February 17
from 2 – 4 pm
Sonny Walebowa
“Adventures in Vangoland”

Saturday, March 3
from 2 – 4 pm
Halifu Osumare
“Dancing In Blackness”

Saturday, March 17
from 2 – 4 pm
Vicki Ward
“Supercharge Your Life After 60”

Saturday, March 17
from 5 – 6:30 pm
Pamela Smith
Financial Hot Topics

Saturday, March 24
from 2 – 4 pm
Patricia Saunders
“There is Sunshine After the Rain”

Thursday, February 22
6 – 7:30 pm
Art Talk with Milton 510 Bowens
“Somebody’s Gotta Say it”
Mark your calendars and plan to attend these two stimulating events to celebrate Black “Art” History Month

Underground Books’ Featured Book

“Black Panther”
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Read it before you see it in the theater- It’s the hottest book on the market!

Underground Books’ Art Exhibit

Black Under Construction
We Too Sing America

Inspired by the Langston Hughes poem, I Too Sing America, acclaimed Bay Area artist, Milton 510 Bowens, shares an extraordinary body of work that takes us from slavery to the Black migration north, into the civil rights era and black power movements; a visual journey leaving colored, searching for Black.

Underground Books Book Club

Book to be announced!
Saturday April 14 at 12 noon!
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Children’s Story Time (w/ Charlene Carter, Just Me!)

February 24
12-1 pm
Ages 3 – 10
We have a large selection of Children’s books available at underground books!

Observer News with Tony Harvey

In Studio Guest

Kiara Harris
Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance (SAGE)

Bio: Kiara Harris is a social entrepreneur, consulting on issues she cares about: health & wellness, women’s empowerment, energy alternatives, cohousing, and social justice advocacy. Harris is co-founder of Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance (SAGE) and has 30 years of experience in public and nonprofit agency communication including cause marketing, media relations, community outreach and engagement. She has a BA in Communications and an MA in Public Administration/Public policy. Harris is also a fiction writer. In 2016, she completed her first novel, Room for Rent, a story about healing and second chances.

Web Site:


Celebrating the Aging Journey: Affirming Our Beauty & Wisdom
Saturday, February 24 at 8:30 AM – 5 PM
Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center
4036 14th Ave, Sacramento, California 95820


Other News

Sorry Sacramento, you now must dial 1 to make a phone call. Here are the details
Starting Saturday morning, landline phone users with a 916 number must dial a 1 and the area code to make phone calls, even when the calls are local calls. Cellphone users will have to dial the area code, but most will not have to dial a 1 first.

Why, you ask? It’s because the California Public Utilities Commission is creating an area code “overlay” – adding a new area code. People in the six-county Sacramento region who sign up for new telephone numbers starting on March 10 will be assigned a new 279 area code instead of 916, even though they are living in what is now the 916 area.

Israel begins telling African migrants to leave
Israel began warning thousands of African migrants Sunday that they must leave by the end of March, officials said, under a plan that could see them jailed if they refuse.

On January 3, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced implementation of a plan to deport about 38,000 migrants who had entered the country illegally, mainly Eritreans and Sudanese.

About That Song You’ve Heard, Kumbaya
We chant it with locked arms and closed eyes, at campfires, in protest lines and from the pews at church, but the truth is, many of us have no clue what the lyrics mean or exactly where they come from.

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya. Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya.

Thanks to research and lobbying by residents of a coastal community descended from slaves, the origins and meaning of “Kumbaya” have been recognized in Congress, raising hopes that a fading culture might get a boost. The song may be sung more often than usual this month, especially in the part of Georgia where its soulful lyrics are said to have originated almost a century ago.

Speaking on the House floor two months back, Representative Buddy Carter of Georgia recognized the Gullah Geechee, whose ancestors were brought to America’s southeastern coast from West Africa, as the probable creators of the famous folk song.

FBI Tracks & Arrests ‘Black Identity Extremist’ and Hardly Anyone Is Talking About It
Six months after the FBI issued a report inventing from whole cloth the term Black Identity Extremists — claiming this group poses a terrorist threat to police — the first apparent case of the prosecution of a BIE has emerged. The BIE designation has created concern in the Black community that the FBI is launching a new COINTELPRO program targeting Black activists who have committed no crimes, with more arrests and prosecutions of those involved in racial justice movements to follow.

This latest chapter represents the FBI that has been familiar to Black people for decades. While the bureau only recently created the term Black Identity Extremist, its methods, tactics and orientation remain the same with regard to Black activists. The FBI has a long tradition of treating Black political movements as terrorists and enemies of the state, and a threat to national security and public safety. A conservative, white-male-dominated organization, the FBI always has taken its cues from anti-Black, right-wing propagandists.

On December 12, 2017 in Dallas, Christopher Daniels, also known as Rakem Balogun, was arrested during a raid on his home and charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm, the result of more than two years of FBI surveillance, as Foreign Policy reported. Federal agents held Daniels outside in his underwear and seized two firearms the government claims he is barred from owning due to a 2007 misdemeanor domestic assault conviction in Tennessee. Among other items FBI agents took from Daniels’ home was a copy of the book “Negroes With Guns” by civil rights activist Robert F. Williams.

The lost story of Nearest Green, the slave who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey
There’s no mystery about what goes into Jack Daniel’s whiskey. The popular drink has been around for 151 years and its recipe is on the company’s website. But a story about how Jack Daniel began his distillery is only now gaining attention.

Some of the first clues about the role of Nearest Green were in Daniel’s official biography, published in 1967, more than half a century after his death. Green was mentioned about 50 times. Then his name seemed to disappear, until author Fawn Weaver helped uncover the truth at the heart of how Daniel came to make whiskey, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller.

Tech News

Success! SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy Rocket on Historic Maiden Voyage

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The first Falcon Heavy rocket built by the private spaceflight company SpaceX soared on its maiden voyage today (Feb. 6) — a historic test flight that also sent a car toward Mars and included two confirmed booster landings.

Billed as the world’s most powerful booster since NASA’s Saturn V, the Falcon Heavy rocket lifted off from Launch Pad 39A here at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) — the same site used by NASA’s Apollo moon missions and space shuttles — at 3:45 p.m. EST (2045GMT) after more than two hours of delays due to upper level winds.

Harley-Davidson Confirms First Production Electric Motorcycle

Amid slumping sales, Harley-Davidson will attempt to attract younger riders by offering its first production electric motorcycle. The new bike, which has yet to be named, is expected to be available within 18 months. The Milwaukee motorcycle maker first dipped its toes in the EV world by touring the country a few years back with a concept electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, for riders and members of the media to take on test rides. Now they seem poised to go all-in on an EV.

Harley-Davidson will continue to hang their hat on the Softail and Touring motorcycles that its aging customers adore. But the company’s foray into electric bikes is aimed squarely at a younger crowd that values Teslas over hot rods.

Performance should not be an issue, as the LiveWire could ton-up at 100 mph and do 0-60 in less than four seconds. The prototype’s main drawback was a limited range of roughly 55 miles. However, battery and motor technology have improved dramatically since the LiveWire was introduced, and with other electric motorcycles topping 200 miles in range, Harley’s new bike should be able to carry you a good bit farther than the LiveWire.

Black Talk Sacramento #039: MLK and Cannabis

Black Talk Sacramento #039:

Current Show Date: January 9, 2018 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday @ 5pm-7pm

Hosted by:
Marichal J Brown: Barber, Educator and Publisher
Gerry Gos Simpson: Artist, Curator, Fashion Designer
Tony Harvey: Reporter, Author (
NSAA: Poet

We would like to welcome Black Talk Sacramento podcast, held at
Underground Books
2814 35th Street, Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333
Every Second Tuesday

Underground Books Events

Saturday, January 13 from 2 – 3:30 pm
Kimberly Biddle
“LaDonna Plays Hoops”

Saturday, January 13 from 4- 5:30 pm
Ameshia Gabriel Arthur
“Brown Boy Brown Boy What Can You Be?”

Saturday, January 27 from 2 – 4 pm
Kanika Marshall
“The Ancestors are Smiling”

Saturday, February 3 from 2 – 4 pm
Eddie Hart

underground books Book Club

“The Origins of Others”
by Toni Morrison
Saturday February 3 at 12 noon!
All are Welcome !!!!!

Children’s Story Time with Charlene Carter (Just Me!)

January 27
12-1 pm
Ages 3 – 10
We have a large selection of Children’s books available at underground books!
The Brickhouse

Observer News: Tony Harvey

MLK Events

MLK March (Jan 15)
Stage 1 – Oak Park Community Center | The Extra Mile
3425 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Check-in: 8:00 a.m.
Departure: 8:30 a.m.
Stage 3 – The reviewing stand: Sacramento Convention Center
Stage 4 – The Diversity Expo

19th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Event

Sat, January 27, 2018 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM PST

Sacramento State University
6000 J Street, University Student Union
Sacramento, CA 95819-602

9th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service by Black United Fund

Join the Black United Fund of Sacramento Valley (BUFSV) and
the Sacramento Area Black Caucus (SABC) for the 9th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service On Sunday, January 21, 2018, from 1 pm–3 pm at the Office of The Black United Fund, 4104 44th Street, Sacramento CA. 95820

We are collecting unworn winter clothing including items such as: hats, gloves, scarves, sweat shirts, and socks. Please bring your donation and join us on Sunday, January 21 at 1:00pm, when we will assemble packages of new, unworn winter clothing for children and adults. These packages will be distributed to local homeless shelters. Also, this year, we will be collecting warm blankets to distribute along with the clothing.

Please RSVP by January 18 or for more info please contact:
916 484-3750 /

Other News

Nooses and the N-word. Student at suburban high school says racism is rampant

Pleasant Grove High School senior Rachael Francois said she felt no shock hearing her classmate making hate-filled remarks about black people in a video that went viral in December.

Instead, she said, she felt vindicated.

“When I saw it, there was a little part of me that was disappointed but another part of me that was relieved because all this stuff I’ve been saying is finally coming to light. The stuff keeps happening and the school keeps pushing it under the rug like our school is pitch perfect, peachy keen, but it’s not and people need to realize how Pleasant Grove really is.”
The first time she encountered it was in early September as she walked home alone from school. She said a truck filled with white classmates, mostly boys, drove by.

“I was just minding my business and then a car with a group of white kids sticks out their heads and calls me the N-word with a hard ‘r,’ zooms away, and I’m just there like, ‘Well what do I do?’ ” she said.

Acclaimed book The New Jim Crow banned in some New Jersey prisons

[Michelle] Alexander said in an email the ban was in keeping with a widespread denial of civil and human rights to inmates in American prisons.

“Those who run our prisons and jails seem determined to keep those who are locked up and locked out as ignorant as possible about the racial, social, and political forces that have turned this country into the most punitive nation on earth,” she said.

“There’s no reasonable explanation for this save one: prison officials must fear what would happen if people fully understood how biased and corrupt our so-called justice system actually is.”
It was not clear from the records why Alexander’s book had been judged unsuitable. Also banned were magazines covering hip-hop and black culture such as The Source and XXL.

The Caucasity of Outrage Because Erica Garner’s Family Won’t Talk to White Journalists

Erica Garner – Died: December 31, 2017 (heart attack and brain damage)

After the death of Erica Garner, the 27-year-old daughter of police-brutality victim Eric Garner, many people who were aware of her activism were left with a sense of loss. Others, including some of the writers at The Root who knew and respected Erica, were stunned at the sudden death of someone so young and so vigilant in her crusade against police brutality.
And then there were the white tears.

These white tears were different. They had nothing to do with Erica Garner, her activism or even her death. Caucasian tear ducts don’t even open for black bodies. They only respond to the perceived oppression of white people. The salty faces were because Erica Garner’s family announced that they would give interviews and comments only to black journalists.

What to know about 2018’s new marijuana laws in California

    Adults 21 and older can use, carry, purchase, and grow cannabis. That includes up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis and up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.
  • You can only buy cannabis at retail outlets licensed by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.
  • Although you can legally possess cannabis, it is illegal for you to sell it without a license.


  • You can plant, cultivate, harvest, dry, and process up to six cannabis plants in your private residence or on the grounds of your residence.
  • Plants must be in a locked space that is not visible to the public.
  • Cities and counties may prohibit the outdoor cultivation of cannabis.
  • Property owners and landlords may ban the use, growth, and possession of cannabis on their properties.


  • You cannot use cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, or youth center while children are present.
  • Even though it is legal under California law, employers have the right to prohibit the use of cannabis by their employees.
  • Cannabis can be consumed on private property but not in public places.


  • If you are under the influence of cannabis while operating a car, boat, or other vehicle, a law enforcement officer can pull you over and conduct a sobriety test. Violators are subject to DUI laws.
  • Having an open container of cannabis in a vehicle while driving or riding in the passenger seat is against the law.
  • If you have cannabis in a vehicle, it must be in an approved sealed package or container. Otherwise, it must be kept in the trunk.

Founder of SheaMoisture, Richelieu Dennis, Acquires Essence From Time Inc.

Essence Communications Inc., the 48-year-old mutliplatform brand that owns Essence magazine and the annual Essence Festival, has gone back to black (ownership), having been acquired by Essence Ventures LLC, an independent African-American-owned company, Essence Ventures announced in a press release.

As reported earlier by Journal-isms for The Root, the Essence brand was not part of the historic, nearly $3 billion sale of Time Inc. to the Meredith Corp. in November 2017.
The brand was looking for another buyer and has apparently found one with Essence Ventures, which was founded and is chaired by Liberian-American Richelieu Dennis, who also is founder of SheaMoisture (in November, Unilever acquired the parent company for SheaMoisture, Sundial Brands).

Tech News

Why SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Is Such a Big Deal

The new monster spacecraft will be able to lift into orbit over 54 metric tons (119,000 lbs), which is a “mass equivalent to a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage and fuel” to continue the airplane comparisons. This capacity is the largest since the Saturn V rocket of the Apollo lunar program, which could carry 310,000 pounds to low-Earth orbit.

What will be the payload on the rocket’s maiden journey? As Musk announced cheekily in a December 2017 Instagram post, the rocket will carry none other than the original Tesla Roadster on its test flight. And it will be “playing Space Oddity, on a billion year elliptic Mars orbit,” he added.

Armed Ground Robots to Fight in the Ukrainian Conflict, Ushering in a New Age of Warfare

It may be time to face the reality that some of our favorite dystopian tropes are becoming reality. Skynet has not yet taken over, but automatic war machines are here and about to get busy fighting. Ukrainian officials indicate they are planning to use armed ground robots in their conflict against Russian-backed forces next year.

On October 9th, Ukrainian military and defense leaders demonstrated the robot that could see action first, the experimental Phantom, at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. It can have treads like a tank or six wheels and be armed with anti-tank weapons, grenade launchers or machine guns, reports Patrick Tucker for Defense One.

While armed unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, have been used for some time, fighting with armed ground robots has not been a common feature of warfare.

The Phantom, developed by the Ukrainian defense contractor Ukroboronprom, can hit speeds of up to 37 mph and can go 81 miles on one engine charge. It even has a backup microwave-communication link which will work even if connection with its operator is hacked or jammed – a problem Ukrainian troops already encountered in their fight against Russian-backed troops.

The Phantom can also be useful in evacuating wounded soldiers from the field.

Coffee & Poets 37: Stuart Canton Interviewing Jason Shapiro

Episode: 37

Episode Date: September 17, 2017
Produced by: NSAA

Interviewer: Stuart Canton, Guest: Jason Shapiro

Bio: Jason Stephen Shapiro hails from a background in theater, photography, radio, and blazing trails through forests with reckless abandon and breathing life into classic cars before letting them die a purposeless death. Jason thinks he can play guitar, and accompanies himself tuneless. He identifies as bi-coastal and mid-west curious, when asked his gender he replies, “fo-get-abat-it.” He’s got several useless degrees and is getting precariously old, but forgets this and does acrobatics in his sleep, often waking to a new injury. He Served on the American River Review as a fiction editor in 2012 at American River College, and reopened the wound as poetry editor for the Caleveras Station Arts & Literary Journal, before becoming Executive Editor, and is getting his M.A. done in creative writing. Jason’s works are published in the ARR, The Gapped Tooth Madness, and Poetry Now.

The Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex
2837 36th St,
Sacramento, CA 95817

Black Talk Sacramento No. 35: Eye Wear & Police

Current Show Date: September 12, 2017 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday @ 5pm-7pm

The Black Talk Sacramento Podcast Hosted by:

  • Marichal J Brown: Barber, Educator and Publisher
    Marichal: Salon, Barber Shop & Suites
    (2648 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento CA, 95815)
  • Gerry Gos Simpson: Artist, Curator, Fashion Designer
    GOS” Art Studio Gallery: 1825 Del Paso Blvd Sacramento, CA 95815
    Thursday through Saturday / 11:30 am to 7:30
    Website / Facebook
  • NSAA: Poet
  • Tony Harvey: Reporter, Author (


We would like to welcome Black Talk Sacramento podcast, held at

Underground Books
2814 35th Street, Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333

Artist: Dre-T, Rodzilla, Paul Willis

1st Guest:

That Guy Eyewear
2203 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, California
(916) 226-0257

2nd Guest:

Henry Harry




part 1

part 2

20170819 Movie Viewing for Choices

Flickr Album Gallery Powered By: WP Frank

Coffee & Poets 36: Stuart Canton interviewing Frances Kakugawa

Episode Date: August 20, 2017
Episode: 36
Produced by: NSAA
Interviewer: Stuart Canton
Guest: Frances Kakugawa

Short Bio: Frances Kakugawa, who currently resides in Sacramento, was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kapoho, which was demolished by lava when she was 18 years old. She has taught for many years in the Michigan and Hawaii public school systems; conducted language arts workshops for teachers in Micronesia and in Hawaii; and was a curriculum writer and lecturer for the University of Hawaii.
Current Project: Dangerous Woman

Coffee & Poets

Located at:
The Brickhouse Art Gallery
2837 36th St
Sacramento, California, CA 95817

African American Quilters Lillian LeBlanc Presentation Photos

08-12-2017 – The Canvases of African American Quilters – Lillian LeBlanc Presentation

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The NSAA Report 8.11.2017 — The Sandbloom Cometh

The Canvases of African American Quilters

Poetry Cake featuring Kevin Sandbloom

Sacramento Black Women’s Health & Wellness Conference

Buy Poet City

Poet City (Coffee Table Book)

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