“Mr. Dinkins [a.k.a. NSAA, pronounced en-sah-ah] is a Sacramento style poet with a conscience. His poems attack injustice and inhumanity. [NSAA] goes beyond the African American experience to address all issues related to social justice, but also writes of simpler issues related to his personal life — growing up in a world of larger than life characters that he so adeptly and richly describes in his poetry.”

~ Frank Dixon Graham

Lawrence Dinkins, Jr. —penname NSAA [pronounced en-sah-ah]— is a fire and brimstone urban poet seasoned with sex, reflection, tongue-in-cheek wit, and a cautious hope in the human race. This self-described pessimistic-optimist believes poetry has purpose— beyond beautifying bookshelves. He experiments with combining poetry with music, recordings, video, and visual art. He has several chapbooks and CDs, and his collection of art, photography, and poetry Open Mic Sketchbook, is available from little m press. Lawrence frequently attends, performs at, and hosts poetry and new music events in Sacramento and elsewhere in northern California.

~ Cynthia Linville

Known as Lawrence Dinkins during the day but at night known as the nefarious “NSAA,” he is the author/editor of Open Mic Sketchbook (2013) a quick look-in at the Mahogany Urban Poetry Series, one of Sacramento’s oldest spoken word venues where Lawrence is a host. He has also released two spoken word CD’s Lightning in a Bottle 1 (2009) and Lightning in a Bottle 2: NSAA’s Revenge (2013). Along with Ross Hammond, he is one half of Electropoetic Coffee, a poetry/musical duo that blends spoken word with guitar improvisation.

~ Wendy Williams

Lawrence Dinkins [a.k.a. NSAA, pronounced en-sah-ah] is a dynamic and expressive Sacramento poet whose poems attack injustice and inhumanity. NSAA explores the African American experience, commenting on youth movements, musical rhythms, and social justice. He makes up half of the Jazz-performance duo Electropoetic Coffee. He has just released a new book, Sub American, a collection of poems dealing with the concept of being a hyphenated American. In the book he explores a broad range of topics ranging from President Bush and Hurricane Katrina to the Civil Rights Movement.

~ Dr. Andy

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