Black Talk Sacramento #029: Get Out and the Unfortunate Trade

Current Show Date: March 14, 2017 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday
Hosted by: Marichal J Brown, Gerry Gos Simpson, NSAA, Tony Harvey
Special Guitarist: Norman Mcdaniel
We would like to welcome Black Talk Sacramento podcast, held at

Underground Books
2814 35th Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333

Observer News: Tony Harvey

Other News
Get Out’s $100 Million Success Destroys a Hollywood Myth

Democrats fail to retake control of the Senate after big losses on election night

Community Calls for Boycott of Beauty Supply Store After Owner Is Seen on Video Kicking, Choking Black Woman

NJ Elementary School Faces Backlash Over Slave-Auction Poster Assignment

Chance The Rapper Puts Up $1 Million To Support Chicago Public Schools

Tech News:
The Loopholes in the Law Prohibiting Genetic Discrimination

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