Black Talk Sacramento #23: 7 Steps to a Painted Rock

Current Show Date: August 9, 2016 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday
Hosted by: Marichal J Brown, Gerry Gos Simpson, NSAA, Tony Harvey
We would like to welcome Black Talk Sacramento podcast, held at

Underground Books
2814 35th Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333


AYANNA S. FABIO & DAPHNE BURGESS (Author and Illustrator of the children’s book, Paint-A-Rock Day!)

JULIAN ANGEL (Financial Peace University; The main focus of the course is to teach people how to get out of debt and stay out of debt by following a simple financial plan.)

Observer News: Tony Harvey

Other News

TSA Officers Will No Longer Stop Black Women to Conduct Hair Searches in Airports

Attorney Andrea Burton Sentenced to Five Days in Jail for Wearing a Black Lives Matter Button

  • Andrea Burton, an Ohio attorney, is appealing a verdict that found her in contempt of court for refusing to remove a Black Lives Matter button in court.
  • According to reports, a Youngstown Municipal Court Judge, one Robert Milich, found her in contempt of court after she disobeyed express orders to take off the Black Lives Matter button in court.
  • The judge said that his political opinion did not influence his decision. He was adamant that a judge is always impartial and should ensure everyone has an opportunity for a fair hearing.

Student Debt Helps, Not Harms, the U.S. Economy, White House Says

North Carolina NAACP president is thrown off flight after row with passenger who referred to him as ‘those people’ and criticized him for buying two seats because of his arthritis.

  • Reverend William Barber was removed from DC flight to Raleigh-Durham
  • He said passenger behind him made disparaging remarks and criticized his need for two seats
  • Barber said he purchased two tickets to accommodate physical disability
  • He issued statement saying he stood up to address the passenger because his arthritis prevented him from turning around
  • A crew member called police, who boarded and asked Barber to leave
  • He said: ‘I am not at all happy about what I believe were the real reasons I was the one asked to leave’

Dr. Sebi Died On August 6 2016 After Being Arrested

  • Dr. Sebi Died on August 6, 2016.
  • Update 8/9/16: The Dr. Sebi community is piecing together information about Dr. Sebi’s death until we receive official word from his USHA Research Institute. Alfredo Bowman, who is known lovingly as Dr. Sebi, died in jail after being held on charges of money laundering.
  • Authorities detained Dr. Sebi on suspicion of money laundering on May 28, 2016 along with Pablo Medina Gamboa after his flight from California landed at the Juan Manuel Galvez de Roatan Airport. Authorities detained Dr. Sebi for possessing $37,000 as he and Gamboa attempted to board another plane to La Ceiba, Honduras.
  • Dr. Sebi became famous after becoming the doctor naturalist of luminaries as Michael Jackson, Lisa Lopez, Steven Seagal and other international artists.
  • Won a 1986’s New York Supreme Court case  for practicing medicine without a license and for making fraudulent medical claims where he proved that he cured Aids and other diseases by providing 70 witnesses, when he only needed 9.


Tech News:

The Fight for the “Right to Repair”

  • Manufacturers have made it increasingly difficult for individuals or independent repair people to fix electronics. A growing movement is fighting back
  • A growing number of people, seeing this as an unreasonable state of affairs, are fighting back. In a so-called “right to repair” movement, this loose coalition of consumer advocates, repair professionals and ordinary individuals are working to create legislation that would make it harder for companies to keep repair information proprietary.


Luke Cage coming to Netflix Friday, September 30th

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