Black Talk Sacramento #24: Old Blackdonald had a Farm (2 Year Anniversary Show)

Show Date: September 13, 2016 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday

Hosted by: Marichal J Brown, Gerry Gos Simpson, NSAA, Tony Harvey

We would like to welcome Black Talk Sacramento podcast, held at:

Underground Books
2814 35th Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333

Segment: 1: Introduction

Local News, Underground Books News

Segment: 2: Observer News with Tony Harvey

Black Panther Celebration at The Brickhouse, NAACP 100 Year Anniversary, Out Going City Manager, the presidential election, Colin Kaepernick

  • Article: Racial Bias Alleged At Sacramento City Hall
  • SACRAMENTO — John Shirey has been the city manager for the City of Sacramento for five years. In November, his tenure will come to an end and Assistant City Manager Howard Chan will assume the position on an interim basis until a permanent replacement is hired eventually in 2017. Shirey has done some significant things

Segment: 3: Interview with Special Guest: Chanowk Yisrael

Chanowk Yisrael

Chanowk Yisrael, Founder of The Yisrael Family Urban Farm, is an urban farmer, community activist and husband. Born and raised in Sacramento, he traveled across the country for 10 years on the dime of corporate America before deciding to trade in his frequent flyer miles for seeds and soil.

Chanowk terms what he does as “social entrepreneurship,” a lifestyle that sustains his family and aids his neighborhood in South Oak Park (a food dessert according to the USDA).

Chanowk’s story has been featured in several publications including The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Press, Edible Sacramento and Sacramento News and Review.

Chanowk’s parents are both cancer survivors and doctors often informed him that many of these diseases are hereditary, but he believes that it is eating habits that are hereditary. These events prompted Chanowk to break the cycle of poor eating habits that typically plague the Black community and transition himself and his family to a plant based diet. It is here that The Yisrael Family Urban Farm was born.

The Yisrael Family Urban Farm is transforming the hood for good using urban agriculture as a tool to engage, employ and empower communities. This is done through primarily through agriculture education, cooking classes, and youth mentorship.

The Yisrael Family Urban Farm
4505 Roosevelt Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95820

(888) 487-9494

Segment: 4: Other News & Tech News

  • Dr. Dre Handcuffed Outside His Home After Man Said He Had a Gun
  • Dr. Dre was handcuffed outside his Malibu, Calif., home Monday after a white driver called police and said he was brandishing a gun. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, Dre told the cops that the man was blocking his driveway and refused to move after being asked. But he denied making the threats the driver accused him of. The driver initiated a private person’s arrest on Dre, officials say.
  • Ron Husband: The Story of Disney’s First Black Animator
  • He has worked on: The Rescuers Down Under, Cody, Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Fantasia 2000, Atlantis: The Lost Empire with made history for featuring the first black character in a Disney film with Dr. Sweet
  • Colin Kaepernick explains why he sat during national anthem
  • SANTA CLARA, Calif. — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has willingly immersed himself into controversy by refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States.
  • NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo’s pay rises to $120G while working desk duty since killing Eric Garner
  • Chokeholds apparently pay at the NYPD. The cop whose chokehold immediately preceded Eric Garner’s death two years ago earned a hefty $119,996 from the department in fiscal year 2016, a jaw-dropping amount that’s $20,000 more than what he was making before he was placed on modified duty after Garner’s death.
  • Need a Job? Tyler Perry is Reportedly Hiring at His Studios in Atlanta
  • According to his official web site, “Tyler Perry Studios and its divisions are seeking people with a genuine passion for film and television. With our ever-expanding company we are always looking for talented and creative people to assist in bringing imagination to reality. If you want a career that inspires, work that expands your creativity, gives you the chance to live your passion, grow and evolve then come join our team.”
  • We Drive the $30K Bolt, GM’s Tesla-Walloping Electric Car
  • FOR NEARLY TWO years, General Motors has promised that the Chevrolet Bolt, its affordable, long-range electric car, would deliver at least 200 miles on a charge and cost no more than $30,000 after the requisite federal tax credit.
  • Cybathlon: World’s first ‘bionic Olympics’ gears up
  • It’s being pitched as a bionic Olympics. Next month, contestants from across the world using robotic exoskeletons, electronic arms, powered wheelchairs and other tech will take part in the world’s first Cybathlon. The event near Zurich is intended to highlight how people with physical disabilities can be helped by novel technological aids in their everyday activities.

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