Black Talk Sacramento #30: Poetry & Divas

(sorry for the weird camera defects don’t know what happened there, maybe the signal was weak)

Show Notes

Current Show Date: April 11, 2017 / 5pm-7pm
Every Second Tuesday
Hosted by: Marichal J Brown, Gerry Gos Simpson, NSAA, Tony Harvey
Special Guitarist: Norman Mcdaniel
We would like to welcome Black Talk Sacramento podcast, held at

Underground Books
2814 35th Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333

Every Second Tuesday

Underground Books Events

Underground Books
2814 35th Street, Sacramento, CA
(916) 737-3333

New Exhibit in underground books:

Shonna McDaniels and Marshall D. Baily-Kuumba
Come see this vibrant and exciting exhibit!

Upcoming Discussion and Book Signings

  • Elizabeth Hope Brown “And on the 7th Day, She Rests” Saturday, April 8 from 2 – 4 pm
  • Twa’Lea A. Jordan “I’m Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” Children’s Book
    Saturday, April 15 from 2 – 4 pm
  • Khalid Akil White “Black Fatherhood” Saturday, April 22 from 2- 4 pm
  • Phillis Clements “Coffee and Conversation” Saturday, April 29 from 2 -4 pm
  • Suzette Harrison “My Joy” Saturday, May 6 from 2 – 4 pm
  • Linda Williams “I Wish I Could” Saturday, May 13 from 1 – 3 pm
  • Willie Simon “Waiting for My Ride” Saturday, May 13 from 4 – 6 pm

Art Talk with Shonna McDaniels and Marshall D. Baily-Kuumba
Moderator: Milton510Bowens
Join us for a discussion of this multifaceted exhibit by two exciting local artists.
Saturday, April 29 from 5 – 7pm

Segment 1:

1 year anniversary of the Diva Market
Daphne Burgess
Frankie Edwards Lee
Lolita Johnson Hopkins

photo by Gerry Gos’ Simpson photo by Gerry Gos’ Simpson photo by Gerry Gos’ Simpson

Segment 2:

Paul Willis sharing poetry

Tyson Brown

photo by Gerry Gos’ Simpson photo by Gerry Gos’ Simpson

Other News

Pepsi Commercial
Kendall Jenner

Colson Whitehead wins Pulitzer Prize for ‘Underground Railroad’

Black Family Day 2017
will take place on Sat-4/29 from 11 am to 6 pm at Sacramento State University, 6000 J Street in Sacramento.

5 Surprising Facts On The Wage Gap For Women Of Color
(AAUW = American Association of University Women)
According to AAUW, the pay gap won’t close until 2152.
The gender pay gap is worse for mothers, and it only grows with age.
Thanks to the pay gap, women of color especially struggle to pay off student debt.
Women in every state experience the pay gap, but in some states it’s worse than others.
More education helps increase women’s earnings, but it still doesn’t close the gender pay gap.

Link to the study

San Bernardino school teacher killed in murder-suicide regretted marriage

  • Dated for 4 years
  • Married for about 4 months
  • Special needs classroom
  • Cedric Anderson (53) kills his wife Karen Elaine Smith (53)
  • North Park Elementary School
  • 2 children shot 1 passed


Frederick Douglass just became the latest American history icon to land on U.S. currency. The famed abolitionist is now on the U.S. quarter which was released by the U.S. Mint on Tuesday.

According to the U.S. Mint, 400 million Frederick Douglass quarters will be in circulation and are also available to order online.

Video sparks probe of Sacramento officer’s takedown of man crossing street
The pedestrian who was tackled to the ground and punched in the face several times by a Sacramento Police Department officer Monday was briefly held in the Sacramento Main Jail before being released Tuesday morning, said Sgt. Bryce Heinlein, police spokesman.

The Sacramento police officer involved in the incident, which was captured on video by a passerby and posted onto social media, has been placed on administrative leave in what the department said appears to be unacceptable conduct by the officer.
Heinlein said the officer, whose name he could not release, was a two-year veteran with the department who worked as a uniform patrol officer.

The department said that car camera videos from officers who responded are being reviewed by the department. The videos are being reviewed for possible release to the public.

A video of the altercation that was posted by a witness was shared more than 4,000 times by 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Tech News:

More Travelers Entering U.S. Are Being Asked For Their Cellphones And Passwords

The number of people who have been asked to hand over their cellphones and passwords by Customs and Border Protection agents has increased nearly threefold in recent years. This is happening to American citizens as well as foreign visitors.

Wireless Industry Lobbies Statehouses For Access To ‘Street Furniture’

Instead of soaring towers with antennas on top, future cell sites will adorn power poles and streetlights.

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