Coffee & Poets 37: Stuart Canton Interviewing Jason Shapiro

Episode: 37

Episode Date: September 17, 2017
Produced by: NSAA

Interviewer: Stuart Canton, Guest: Jason Shapiro

Bio: Jason Stephen Shapiro hails from a background in theater, photography, radio, and blazing trails through forests with reckless abandon and breathing life into classic cars before letting them die a purposeless death. Jason thinks he can play guitar, and accompanies himself tuneless. He identifies as bi-coastal and mid-west curious, when asked his gender he replies, “fo-get-abat-it.” He’s got several useless degrees and is getting precariously old, but forgets this and does acrobatics in his sleep, often waking to a new injury. He Served on the American River Review as a fiction editor in 2012 at American River College, and reopened the wound as poetry editor for the Caleveras Station Arts & Literary Journal, before becoming Executive Editor, and is getting his M.A. done in creative writing. Jason’s works are published in the ARR, The Gapped Tooth Madness, and Poetry Now.

The Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex
2837 36th St,
Sacramento, CA 95817

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