Trump Talk True Controversy

What I dislike about this trump locker room talk controversy is that it ignores or simplifies something important. when women leave the room yes men can turn into Klingons, they fart, tell sex jokes, hit each other, curse profusely, and yes they may even use the word “pussy” in many ways. They will talk about it, say they want it, call each other it (they use it in demeaning, uplifting, vulgar ways just like the word dick or balls).


But what this conversation is missing is that trump represent the rich white male perspective on the world. All men have been somewhere and seen what rich men get away with, it’s almost primate-like (I will do this to you and you can’t do anything about it), if they wear nice clothes, drive a nice car, good job–all the trappings of an successful alpha male, everyone treat them differently and watch them as they beat their chest. What trump was talking about is what he is able to get away with as a white man with power. An example is Roger Ailes, they treat him totally different then lets say Bill Cosby. This is an important distinction. Not that a man should get away with things but the state of power and who wears it.


What Trump said was outrageous but most men listening to his comments was like yep that’s what those bastards are like and it don’t stop there–they bomb foreign lands, layoff hundreds, outsource jobs, their personalities are rewarded in our society, revered even, a CEO is supposed to be heartless, thinking only of the bottom line.

What trump represent is not only “rape culture” (I do understand what this term means and I think it can be used) but I think a more precise term is “capitalism”. His statements is just the surface of it’s raw unfiltered form. In order to succeed in this culture, we are to be dog eat dog, aggressive, conquer, take what you want, sack the village, destroy your enemies, profits come first, dominate others–the same man that will grab a woman by her pussy is the same man that will try to take another man’s women while he is in the same house with him he is not only demeaning her but targeting that man through his wife (this is the meaning of trumps actions–that of domination). His mindset is that of a conquistador, a pilgrim, a rough rider, basically all the men we praise and have holidays for.


There is no kinder, softer version of capitalism, it will always destroy, demean, reduce everything to its lowest common denominator–that is its nature.

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